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November 29, 2011

tyler perry’s ‘for better or worse’

My thoughts on Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or Worse” are up at Yourblackworld. As always, here’s a snippet:

I’ve been a defender of Tyler Perry since his early years but alas, I’ve reached a brook I cannot cross. Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” is a show that I just cannot, in good Negro conscience, defend. Part of the reason I continued defending Perry’s early work was because I noticed an elitist bent to the criticism leveled at Perry. You can’t very well call “Madea’s Family Reunion” coonin’ and buffoonin’ without calling your auntie, mother, and grandmother – all of whom got a good cackle from the flick – coons and buffoons.  Furthermore, I tend to shy away from name-calling, especially where my elders are concerned. I’ll leave such juvenile antics to Spike Lee and his cliquish following.

So in the beginning, I liked Tyler Perry for the same reason that everyone else liked Tyler Perry – Madea. Madea’s down home and grandmotherly common sense approach to struggle and strife was a breath of fresh air. The bold chalk line she drew to delineate wrong from right was appreciable in an increasingly obscure and irresponsible black culture. Read the entire piece.


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