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October 24, 2011

Ghadhafi and Africans

Most Africans viewed Ghadhafi as a benefactor, even martyr. From the AP;

 Moammar Gadhafi’s regime poured tens of billions of dollars into some of Africa’s poorest countries. Even when he came to visit, the eccentric leader won admiration for handing out money to beggars on the streets.

“Other heads of state just drive past here in their limousines. Gadhafi stopped, pushed away his bodyguards and shook our hands,” said Cherno Diallo, standing Monday beside hundreds of caged birds he sells near a Libyan-funded hotel. “Gadhafi’s death has touched every Malian, every single one of us. We’re all upset.”

Compare that reaction to the  reaction of African-Americans, a view largely articulated by the following comment from Black America Web;

 President Obama’s approach was the perfect approach. To all, stay abreast of all the events that transpire in the Arab world, because they are acts and actions, mirroring MLK’s approach to taking a stand.

Ghadhafi was supportive of Mandela’s ANC even while Dick Cheney was trying to have the organization vilified as a terrorist group. Folks haven’t forgotten. Although it is true that Ghadhafi wasn’t all good, it is just as true that he wasn’t all bad.

But to Africans, he was their hero regardless of any alleged wrongdoing. And to African Americans, Barack Obama is their hero. It’s as if we’re unable to look our leaders squarely in the eye and say, “you were doing great up until now” or, “we’re with you, but not on this one.” For us, it’s all or nothing. Thus,  the real problem here, with blacks here in America and on the continent of Africa,  seems to be one of hero worship.


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5 thoughts on “Ghadhafi and Africans

  1. solomon1 says:

    So you’re like Cain-but now, black folk in the US AND Africa are brain washed and can’t think for themselves. Portrayals in the media or accounts from a Libyan street vendor can’t articulate the thoughts of a diverse group of people even as people like you struggle to put us in a box.

    1. Yvette says:

      If you say so. Because, obviously, a street vendor can’t articulate thoughts of a diverse group but you can? Right?

    2. Willie says:

      As events are unfolding in Libya there should be no doubt that Libya like Iraq was not an easy nation to govern. His greatest problem like many who dare opposing the U.S., Britain or France will face the most brutal and unrelenting offensive known. Even many in our own nation are subjected to serious and deadly repression. We should not forget the U.S. governments CIA / FBI “COINTELPRO” program that targeted and assassinated black members of the Panther party or the G.W. Bush assassination attempt on Venezuela’s Chavez, U.S. Ambassador Phillip expelled from Bolivia after it was found he’d instigated the deaths of twenty citizens by actively creating a militant group which is similar to what U.S. Ambassador Robert Hall did in Syria and there are many more instances. In the 150 years since the emancipation proclamation deprivation through various means have resulted in half the one point three million prisoners in the U.S. being black. Worldwide there continues a effort to deprive people of color of any economic possibility to attain their rightful place be they African (Yemeni, Sudanese, Nigerian, Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan), Japanese (atomic bombed), Iranians, Palestinians, South American’s, Central Americans, Haitians, Indians, Aborigine Australians, New Zealander’s, South Central and Eastern Europeans. Many of these nations citizens are still unable to understand their plight. Obama is nothing more than a black face willing, for a price (millions assured and historical mention), to project a white power agenda. Black males are no along as there are as many females who’ve given their support to the effort… Susan Rice, Condi Rice and the list continues.

  2. B. Boxer says:

    Both sources are from the AP. Why the lazy journalism?

    Source #1

    Africans remember Gadhafi as martyr, benefactor
    -By KRISTA LARSON, MARTIN VOGL, Associated press – Posted on MSNBC

    Source # 2

    Gadhafi, Libya’s Leader for 42 Years, Killed
    Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 10:37 am
    By: Kim Gamel, The Associated Press – posted on Black America Web

    1. Yvette says:

      Actually, you’re wrong. The second source was from a reader’s COMMENT on Black America Web, not the actual article. If you’d refrained from jumping straight into an angry tirade, you would’ve noticed as much.

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