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August 1, 2011

on obama’s zillionth capitulation to date: lessons from the twitterverse

Talk is so very cheap. And so are tweets...

I’ve made it clear in previous posts that too many of my of ancestors died for their convictions for me to stand with a President who doesn’t have any.

Barack Obama and I were finished months ago. We were finished when he invited fake Christian and legitimate bigot Rick Warren to do the invocation at his inauguration, thus overlooking the loud protests of gays and lesbians who’d canvassed neighborhoods, donated money, and cast votes on his behalf. We were through when he claimed he was “held hostage” by Republicans a few months ago. We were through when he overlooked  an abundance of scholars and leaders in the black community and instead chose pimped out and permed up Al Sharpton to be our surrogate.

I’ve had nothing but antipathy for this President for a very, very long time.   I offered him my ass to kiss over a year ago. In hindsight, I’d say that the first black President has strewn over a 100 mile long trickle of breadcrumbs en route from Chicago to the Oval Office,  all cluing us in to the painful realization that, although he presents as one of us – being both black and pseudo-progressive – he does not share any of our values.  Mr. Obama’s  been intentionally misrepresenting himself ever since he invoked  the name of former President Lincoln when he threw his name in the hat as a contender for the Democratic nomination. Lincoln would never have allowed himself to get rolled to the degree that our tool of a President has.

But among so-called liberals, there is still a wide swath of jibber jabberers who are still pushing the tired meme that Obama is one of us even as he goes about the business of destroying us.  This level of stubbornness and downright disregard for the truth is dangerous to both the progressive movement and progressive thought. And nowhere is this wrongheaded punditry more glaring than the Twitterverse.

Some examples:

Most. Moronic. Comment. Ever.





Pluralism is a word used to denote the diversity of ideas. And how is pluralism represented when only Republican ideas are adopted? And this type of moronic chatter garners over 14,000 followers? In the 21st century, you are who you follow. Be careful.

Really?! You CAN'T be serious





Huh? If , as you say, “we shouldn’t be doing austerity at all”, then why are you supporting it?

Things are the way they are. President Obama abandoned the middle and the left long ago, but that’s a hard pill for many to swallow. So some of us carry on by listening to folks who make it their business to convince us not to believe our lying eyes. But it’s not our eyes that require tweaking, it’s those of our pundits. Those folks who, for reasons I don’t quite understand but am quite suspicious of, spend hours on Twitter supporting a President who doesn’t support them. Throughout the course of history, these are the folks who don’t see the impending danger until it’s shadow is upon them. In this way, they are just as dangerous as our Placator-In-Chief President. So do yourself a favor today and click the “unfollow” button. It’s time to move on.


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