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August 16, 2011

fareed zakaria confuses message with messenger


Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria

While watching a debate on the Charlie Rose show between Fareed Zakaria and Drew Westen over Obama’s leadership (or lack thereof), I observed – much to my own dismay- as Zakaria intellectually bailed out of the argument.

Zakaria said something to the effect that he’s grown tired of hearing arguments about politics from people who “never so much as ran for dogcatcher”. He was talking about Westen.

This is the long belabored , beleaguered, argument of people who have no intellectual safe haven to speak of. It is the retreat of people who are losing an argument, and the formula goes as follows:  If your experience is in the private sector, just say that the other guy can’t grow jobs because he has no private sector experience. If your experience lies in government, just say that the other guy can’t do the job because he doesn’t have any Hill experience. And if you’re anti-professor or anti-teacher, just print a bumper sticker which says, “those that can, do and those that can’t, teach.”  It’ll get you a sh*load of “woo-hoos” from people in your comfy little echo chamber. Problem is, it’s just not true.

In a democracy, we’re all critics and most of us never so much as ran for dogcatcher. So what? A good idea can come from anywhere if you’re open enough to hear it  just as a bad idea can very well come from your own little snug cloister.

Being a member of a particular demographic, be it private sector employees or careerist politicians, doesn’t have the final word on whether an idea is good or bad. Zakaria would do well to keep that in mind during future debates.  He should also keep in mind that he’s “never so much as ran for dogcatcher” either.



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3 thoughts on “fareed zakaria confuses message with messenger

  1. dangeruss says:

    Who selected Fareed to represent liberal opinion anyway? Like Al Sharpton, he is just another soldier doing the dirty work for Obama.

  2. Yvette says:

    And you know what? That’s just it. Fareed doesn’t represent liberal opinion. He never has. So the preachiness of his most recent comments is a bit troubling.

  3. dcserfmeat says:

    By his own irrational measure, Zakaria should have removed himself from the debate and left the room.

    Such protestations of views critical of the establishment’s Potemkin administration and its leaderless leader also serves to circumscribe the limits of acceptable commentary expressed in the media by members of the newly “un-bewitched” intelligentsia.

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