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August 14, 2011

enter the clowns; steve harvey joins forces with tom joyner

Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey

As most of you know, Steve Harvey entered the chorus of Smiley and West hecklers last week.

My perspective is up at Yourblackpolitics, here’s a snippet:

One broad watermelon smile deserves another.  So when I read on that Steve Harvey had joined Tom Joyner in using his Benson-eque platform to both defend the White House and malign Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, surprise was not an emotion that befell me.

Both Harvey and Joyner are much too enthralled with their own proximity to power, too lost in the glow of gator tuxedo shoes, too bewitched by engraved invitations to President Obama’s 50th birthday bash to actually think before crowing about Smiley and West.

These two self-styled  soul hipsters would have us believe that they have somehow magically transformed themselves from low brow entertainers to thoughtful political pundits. They haven’t. READ MORE.


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12 thoughts on “enter the clowns; steve harvey joins forces with tom joyner

  1. These two better settle their score now before everything ends up burnt!

  2. These two sure know how to enjoy a movie!

  3. This has to be the happiest couple on planet Earth!

  4. Nothing makes him more happy than reading a newspaper underneath a tree.

  5. This is the future of kitty cats.

  6. Nothing is more relaxing than eating chocalate!

  7. This is what the future holds for kitty cats.

  8. Expect to see him when the restaurant opens every day.

  9. Doctor bite right into a chococlate bar.

  10. Isn’t that a cute kitty?!

  11. He’s just waiting patiently for the place to open up.

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