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July 7, 2011

why the ‘fly jock’ tom joyner should just fly away

Tom JoynerThis all stems from the following vitriolic rant Joyner posted on July 1st. Read it to give yourselves a bit of context, then dive in;

Stop the presses and mark the day. On July 1st, media personality Tom Joyner -chief peddler  of the culture of consumerism in the black community-took a break from picking the pockets of black people to blast his former aces Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. And get this, Smiley and West hadn’t even done anything wrong.  That didn’t stop Joyner from holding them responsible – with a straight face no less – for MSNBC contributor Mark Halprin calling President Obama a dick on the air.

Those who know the history between Smiley and Joyner know that Tom “buy my cruise tickets” Joyner has been nursing his wounded ego ever since Smiley bolted from his hee-haw show back in 2008.  The problem: Smiley didn’t seal his goodbye with a butt kiss.

Those who know the history between Smiley and Joyner know that Tom “buy my cruise tickets” Joyner has been nursing his wounded ego ever since Smiley bolted from his hee-haw CONTINUE READING

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18 thoughts on “why the ‘fly jock’ tom joyner should just fly away

  1. AFROPICK1 says:

    I turned off Uncle Tom Joyner a long time ago after buying an iphone and getting XM radio which has the power , the path there to black political and social two way conversation.

    I wonder if you Yvette Carnell will be heard on this channel but please be encouraged to call in and share this powerful piece of work. 1 (866) 801-8255

    Also please see to be heard on the Tavis and smiley podcast that I subscribe too thru my iphone abd available for free

  2. AFROPICK1 says:

    Correction: the podcast is named Smiley and West and can also be found on Facebook
    My apologies to all as I mulit task at work

  3. Yvette says:

    Thank you Afropick1, I appreciate the info!


  4. Carolyn says:

    The fly jock has been around, with his “buy my cruise tickets” and Black Family Reunions long enough to have developed a credible history of supporting black colleges and Real Fathers-Real Men and bringing us the Little Known Black History Facts. However knowledgeable, silly, credible and informative his show is, Mr. Joyner has been around long enough to know the substance of the people he has worked with. That is not to say that every one will be loyal or friends forever. People move on unfavorable and not so favorable circumstances. All of that is to say that TJ well knows TS and his operation. Those of us who have listened to TS over the years have found him basically credible, but too darn talkative. It takes him a paragraph and a half to pose a question. Talking is his gift and he likes to hear himself talk. TS it seems to me needs something to make himself feel more credible, more relevant and his focus is our current President. Their rants or criticisms have helped open the door for others like Halpirn to say something untoward and then later apologize for it. Even with the apology, the intended damage is done and one cannot apologize for the mean spirited and vile intentions that have come from TS CW & MH. Please revisit Tom Joyner’s essay with another ear!

  5. Yvette says:

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t need Mr. Joyner to spoon feed me “little known black history facts”. I can discover that on my own without his tutelage. Maybe you require his assistance. I, however, do not. Kudos to him and his work with HBCUs but it doesn’t change the fact that he is beholden to the same corporate masters as Smiley and West. Stylistically, I was never a Smiley fan, but that wasn’t the point Joyner was making now was it? Joyner accused Smiley of selling out for engaging in the very same types of money making endeavors that he himself had engaged in. It was embarrassing in its hypocrisy.

    And let me refresh your memory a bit; Tea Partiers have been calling Obama everything but a baby niglet since he announced his run for office. That’s not a consequence of Smiley or West, but the racism etched in our past and present.


    1. Charlene says:

      Some people need to be fed “little known black history facts”, we lost a whole generation to crack and those kid of those crack mothers and the lousy education system for blacks aren’t teaching black history, so why would you with your blackness find a problem with that. You know you are. Maybe you can find your own but a lot of little and young black folks aren’t as fortune.

      Smiley did sell out, he got angry because Obama wouldn’t come on his show, but Michelle wanted to come but Michelle wasn’t good enough for Smiley. Which I find an insult to a smart black woman. When Obama didn’t show up then he began to be negative toward Obama before the man was elected by the way, a lot of folks voted for Obama not just the black folks because if Obama had to depend on the Black folks, he would not had been elected, because most blacks don’t vote.

      Tom Joyner donates a lot of money to HBCUs, what do you do besides criticize. Go out and make a difference for our black folks. Talk is cheap. You know, Chris Rock had it right “Black folks are the most racist people on the earth because they don’t even like black folks” and its true.

      I only found your site after reading that you said that Bobby Brown was responsible for Whitney Houston problems, Whitney was on drugs before she met Bobby Brown. She was doing drugs in High School. Get your facts straight.

  6. miles scott says:

    Mr. tom Joyner must have failed world history in school.Every Empire it left standing long enough will elected a person of a different color. That do not mean a hot dam for people who wanted some change for the least among us.Tom Joyner and the rest of that Booker T. Washington type Negros can keep smoking that crack pipe of Disinformation and propaganda. The Rope-a-Dope Hope Monger got what he wanted and wanted what he got. This limp liver organ grinder(Obama) is a lair er and a truth bender. Obama have did nothing for the 95% or 96% who voted for this Hope-Dope Junkie . Tom Joyner can keep peddling that soft porn that Obama is selling all he wants. Tom Joyner hero “Obama” wants to cut Social Security,Medicare,and Medicaid. Pornography by any other name is still pornography. There are no accidents in life. That not throwing grandma under the bus, That throwing grandma from the train.So Mr. Joyner wants to agree with this cross dresser of bad ideas. .

    1. Charlene says:

      And what have you done for our country lately?

  7. Michelle says:

    I am on board with you and your views toward Obama. I support Tavis Smiley and Dr. West in their quest to deliver the truth about the lack of performance by our current Administration. The problem I have is, other Blacks criticizing me for speaking the truth in my own circle about how I do not agree with President Obama’s political positions. I feel his policies have greatly hurt our country and pushed the Black community to the ground. I never believed he would do anything special for Blacks. I no longer listen to Tom Joyner and their catch-it, fetch-it comedy radio show. They, along with many of Blacks, don’t want anyone to tell the truth about how this Presidency is a disaster. To be honest, as a Black, I’m embarrassed by the whole thing. Michelle Obama has spent over $10 million dollars on unauthorized vacations, while at the same time, our country’s economy is in the tank. There is no compassion from him or from her. It’s just the truth anyhow. They have made poor choices. The only reason he is going to the ‘safe’ Black communities now is because he wants to pimp them for their vote. Wouldn’t it have been awesome if our first Black President took a vacation in a nice Chocolate City where people supported them and cried in the streets when he won? Would have been nice, but I guess Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii or Spain or some place that has a golf course won. No compassion for Blacks unless he finds a feel good story that can fit well in his speeches, to win the hearts of potential voters. Makes for good theater when he gives his State of the Union Speech in January.

    1. Charlene says:

      Tom Joyner raises money for HBCUs and that is very important for Black Folks who want an education. Smiley hasn’t raised a dime and neither has West and nor you. You sound bitter and want to blame the blackman. As far as Black folks supporting Obama, it took a lot more than black folks to get him elected, mainly because the majority of blacks don’t vote. You sound like the Jews that got mad at Jesus because he didn’t put down the folks that held them in bondage and gave them to power to do the same, so they decided to continue to wait for the Messiah.

      Black folks need an education so that they can stop thinking that the white folks owe them something., but you are typical, the same black folks that don’t stick together.

      Get a life you sound bitter. He should spend his vacation in Chocolate City, even though he is living in Chocolate City, D.C. for the time being.

      Michelle spent over $10 million on unauthorized vacations, for real,? You sound like a fool or are you really a white racist pretending you are black or a black house N…er, you have to be one. I know you wish for another 8 years of Bush and his house of thieves and liars. You dummy.

  8. TalithaMcEachin says:

    @Charlene What does that have to do with Obama’s lack of concern for the black community or his poor performance as POTUS?

  9. greeneink says:

    What d – r – a – m – a. Sounds like some gay white male reality show voyeurism hype … I support black people and I say we should have stopped begging a long time ago.
    Assimilation and integration didn’t work (that was on the those of the 60s who actually thought wf had the wherewithal to learn and act human toward blacks) — and the bottom line is that if you can’t get a person to read a BOOK, you certainly aren’t going to get them to build a business, let alone a whole community.
    Black folks will still be talking about this ish 50 years after Barack Obama is out of office. We didn’t do jack about it for the past 50 years and probably aren’t ever going to.
    We just like to be seen and heard. If that wasn’t the case, this would have been over with and we wouldn’t still be discussing it like it’s 1913 instead of 2013.

  10. RobertSquireIII says:

    @Charlene I can tell your a troll.  Just by you jumping subjects.  I can also tell your an imbecile by the caliber of your comment.

  11. RobertSquireIII says:

    @Charlene  And you?

  12. RobertSquireIII says:

    @Charlene”Because most blacks don’t vote”- Your words.  TROLL.   try again WHITE MAN!

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