the dalai lama effect: the newest weapon of obama disciples

by admin | July 5, 2011 2:20 am


It’s a given that any African-American who dares touch a hair on Obama’s chinny chin chin will inevitably invite vitriolic and painfully uninformed attacks from the black electorate. This is common place and I’ve become accustomed to it. There is now, however, a new rhetorical weapon being employed by many in the aspirational Negro class that even I couldn’t have seen foreseen.

You see, I didn’t spend my 4th of July grilling hot dogs or hamburgers. I spent it roasting Mr. Tom “buy my cruise tickets” Joyner for his outlandishly moronic comments regarding Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. I’ll write more about why Joyner’s an idiot and why he’s so personally invested in the politics of two grown ass men on Wednesday. For now, I’ll just share what I call the newest weapon in the Obamabot arsenal; the Dalai Lama affect.

While thoroughly laying the foundation for why and how Joyner got his head stuck up his ass and simultaneously listing Obama’s many failures to date, a Facebook friend who I respect asked that I “ see him (Obama) as a man first”.   What was I seeing him as before? A goat? Or a chicken perhaps?

The point my friend was trying to make was that we are all the same and that Obama is not beholden to any particular race, to which I responded “Let’s not have an existential conversation. Everyone except for the bottom of the barrel racists in the Tea Party view Obama as a man. But politics is a transactional enterprise, and in this enterprise our vote is our currency. Thus, Obama owes everything to those who came out in record numbers to vote for him; liberals and black people. He does owe us and he doesn’t get out of it because we all bleed red or because color is only skin deep. He doesn’t get a pass because this is how politics works.”

I went onto note that “many black folks who went to the polls didn’t go there to vote for “a man”, they went to vote for “a black man” so they could have the first BLACK President. It’s too late into the game to pretend that race doesn’t matter…”

When all else fails, just pull out the non-race card, I guess. Say that we’re all human and we are flesh and blood. We are one.  That may very well be true, but we don’t live in a place of eternal transcendentalism. We live on planet Earth and on planet Earth there’s a country called the United States of America, the capital of which is Washington D.C. And in that place right now, there’s a war raging for the tax dollars of this country’s citizenry.  It’s warfare. If you can’t – or choose not to – understand the political calculus, then don’t even bother to vote.

If the idea that  Obama was voted in by blacks and progressives so that we’d have a dog in that never ending political dogfight shakes the core of your phony spiritual aesthetic, then just stay out of the fray and out of my way. Because if you truly bled the blood of Jesus or walked the path of Buddha, the unemployment rate among blacks would mean more to you than the symbolic success of one Negro. If you truly lived your spirituality, you’d care more about those who are dying in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya than the re-election prospects of a man who hasn’t done any of the things he said he’d do before he was elected President the first time. And if you truly understood Dalai Lama’s teachings, you would never stray far from your ideals.

As Che Guevara once said,  “at the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.”

When Che spoke of love, he was referring to love of the people, not love of one man at the expense of the people.

And so it is that the Dalai Lama effect is now the newest weapon of the aspirational Negro establishment. Spiritual defenders of Obama who employ the Dalai Lama effect, this microwaved version of otherworldliness, might do well to ask themselves whether Jesus would side with the people or the kings, queens and overlords. I seem to remember a book which lays out the case quite explicitly. Obama supporters should give it a read.



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