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July 5, 2011

the dalai lama effect: the newest weapon of obama disciples


It’s a given that any African-American who dares touch a hair on Obama’s chinny chin chin will inevitably invite vitriolic and painfully uninformed attacks from the black electorate. This is common place and I’ve become accustomed to it. There is now, however, a new rhetorical weapon being employed by many in the aspirational Negro class that even I couldn’t have seen foreseen.

You see, I didn’t spend my 4th of July grilling hot dogs or hamburgers. I spent it roasting Mr. Tom “buy my cruise tickets” Joyner for his outlandishly moronic comments regarding Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. I’ll write more about why Joyner’s an idiot and why he’s so personally invested in the politics of two grown ass men on Wednesday. For now, I’ll just share what I call the newest weapon in the Obamabot arsenal; the Dalai Lama affect.

While thoroughly laying the foundation for why and how Joyner got his head stuck up his ass and simultaneously listing Obama’s many failures to date, a Facebook friend who I respect asked that I “ see him (Obama) as a man first”.   What was I seeing him as before? A goat? Or a chicken perhaps?

The point my friend was trying to make was that we are all the same and that Obama is not beholden to any particular race, to which I responded “Let’s not have an existential conversation. Everyone except for the bottom of the barrel racists in the Tea Party view Obama as a man. But politics is a transactional enterprise, and in this enterprise our vote is our currency. Thus, Obama owes everything to those who came out in record numbers to vote for him; liberals and black people. He does owe us and he doesn’t get out of it because we all bleed red or because color is only skin deep. He doesn’t get a pass because this is how politics works.”

I went onto note that “many black folks who went to the polls didn’t go there to vote for “a man”, they went to vote for “a black man” so they could have the first BLACK President. It’s too late into the game to pretend that race doesn’t matter…”

When all else fails, just pull out the non-race card, I guess. Say that we’re all human and we are flesh and blood. We are one.  That may very well be true, but we don’t live in a place of eternal transcendentalism. We live on planet Earth and on planet Earth there’s a country called the United States of America, the capital of which is Washington D.C. And in that place right now, there’s a war raging for the tax dollars of this country’s citizenry.  It’s warfare. If you can’t – or choose not to – understand the political calculus, then don’t even bother to vote.

If the idea that  Obama was voted in by blacks and progressives so that we’d have a dog in that never ending political dogfight shakes the core of your phony spiritual aesthetic, then just stay out of the fray and out of my way. Because if you truly bled the blood of Jesus or walked the path of Buddha, the unemployment rate among blacks would mean more to you than the symbolic success of one Negro. If you truly lived your spirituality, you’d care more about those who are dying in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya than the re-election prospects of a man who hasn’t done any of the things he said he’d do before he was elected President the first time. And if you truly understood Dalai Lama’s teachings, you would never stray far from your ideals.

As Che Guevara once said,  “at the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.”

When Che spoke of love, he was referring to love of the people, not love of one man at the expense of the people.

And so it is that the Dalai Lama effect is now the newest weapon of the aspirational Negro establishment. Spiritual defenders of Obama who employ the Dalai Lama effect, this microwaved version of otherworldliness, might do well to ask themselves whether Jesus would side with the people or the kings, queens and overlords. I seem to remember a book which lays out the case quite explicitly. Obama supporters should give it a read.



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15 thoughts on “the dalai lama effect: the newest weapon of obama disciples

  1. Toni Lyman says:

    Wow. I kept waiting for you to make a connection, a point, or something and it just never materialized. I have to admit, when black folks hate on Obama, especially all day, everyday like you have admitted (don’t you have something else to do) it sets off my uncle Tom (or in your case Tomasina) alarm but I always hear folks out. I don’t want to think bad about people. So I read your entire rant. A rant that was all over the place and read kind of like a crazy person’s diary entry.

    Who are you to speak for everyone and their reasons for voting for Obama? Your whole argument is based on you pretentious attitude that makes you think you know what goes on in the minds of other people. You really need to get over yourself, sista. “I say things you won’t” LMAO you really think you’re groundbreaking huh? lol

    Barack Obama is a politician. Sadly, there is only so much you can expect from a politician if for no other reason than Obama does not run this by himself and he has a lot of people against him. But he is a black man and beyond the politics, deals made and not made, just his presence in the white house is invaluable to the destruction of the inherent unworthiness (shout out to Oprah) and other psychological issues that plague black people. So maybe (and I say maybe as not to come off as annoying know-lt-all like yourself) that is what they focus on and let the unrealistic expectations of a politician go by the wayside.

  2. Yvette says:

    Last I checked, I was speaking for myself. You can spew Uncle Tom nonsense 24/7, but what you can’t do (obviously) is articulate why you’re an Obama fanatic. What policy initiatives did Obama carry through to fruition that you supported pre-Obama and still support now? *crickets*

    Carry on. You know what they say about arguing with fools. I’ll leave you to your playpin… try not to hurt yourself.

    1. 1ProudVet says:

      I call this site the “nigger caucus”

  3. Toni Lyman says:

    LOL You are sick and I don’t even think you realize it sista (see I still love you). Obama seems to be an unhealthy obsession of yours. But let me get to my reply.

    First. Your accusatory tone suggests that I had an obligation to tell you why I supported Obama and why I am a fanatic. I think you assuming that I am a “fanatic” just proved my point about you thinking you know everything and that you think you know what is going on in the minds of other people. Especially since I don’t believe I made any fanatical statements. I’m sorry I didn’t realize that answering these questions was a prerequisite to replying to your blog post. Excuse my ignorance.

    Did you even read my reply past my concerns that you might be a sell out? If you had I would think you would have an understanding of how I feel about Obama. I supported Obama because he was the lesser of all evils in my opinion. The way he handled the Rev Wright situation showed me that he was a masterful intellectual. And unlike most intellectuals his connection to people seemed to still be intact. That was a rare combination I believed we needed in the white house. And the icing on the cake- he was black. I thought about all the black children who would have completely different expectations and ideas of themselves if he was president. That was very important to me and still is. Please, don’t confuse this with me voting for Obama solely because he is black.

    I also support him because of his stance on the environment and his pledge to invest in green jobs which he IS doing. I think you also have to take into consideration that the majority of campaign promises were to be implemented over the long term. His pledge to create 5 million green jobs for instance is supposed to happen over 10 yrs. And that’s just one. I’m not going to indulge too much in this sick fetish.

    My original reply was getting rather long so I didn’t bother calling you out for the liar that you are in saying that Obama hasn’t done ANYTHING he said he would. That’s just not true and you are in fact a liar. PolitiFact keeps a running tally of all his promises kept and those that were not. I suggest you give that a read.

    LOL I like how you didn’t respond to anything in my original reapply but instead took the stance of a bully demanding that I answer questions for you. I obliged you because that’s the kind of person I am but please I hope you don’t take this position with all of your readers I could see how it might be a little off-putting.

  4. Yvette says:

    If voting for the “lesser of two evils” is good enough for you, so be it. Enjoy.

    I do appreciate the fact that you did a bit of research after your initial post. In the future, do yourself a favor and come to a solid understanding of WHY you support the President BEFORE you enter into a debate.

    Now, with regard to “Green Jobs”, the number of Americans who make a living working “green jobs” won’t be available until 2012. And a “pledge” is just rhetoric, just words, and doesn’t quiet the stomach rumblings or stop the foreclosures now does it? What has he done to help people who need help now?

    I can give Obama credit for Sonya Sotomayor, but that’s it. You can continue your hero-worship if you like. I choose not to. And if you associate being admonished for not presenting facts as bullying, then you’re not mature enough to have a discussion with me, or any other thinking person for that matter.

  5. Toni Lyman says:

    What is wrong with you? I’m sorry but some green jobs have already been created, that’s a lie. Just like it was a lie when you said Obama did nothing. Why won’t you address that? A debate? How can anyone have a debate with you when you have tunnel vision and only want to address what you want to address. So I won’t be entertaining you anymore because I really think you have a mental problem.

    How can you admonish someone for not presenting facts when I was simply replying to a post and didn’t even know I “had” to present these facts? Get a life. Really, I’m not even trying to be funny. This is sad. Don’t let this obsession drive you crazy girl. Oh and I’m sure President Barack Obama can sleep much better since “you” gave him credit for something. LOL.

    OBAMA 2012 Yes We Can (again).

  6. Tremain says:

    Excuse me, I know I’m a bit late to this discussion, but I have questions that I’d like to ask the both of you, being that you two are diametrically opposed in this discussion. I am not as well versed as the two of you with the political infrastructure and legislation of today as you two seem to be. However, I have read your discussion and find it very interesting and informative from both perspectives, and what I would like to know as an African American voter is: “What is the solution?” “Where do we go next?” If we as black people/minorities can’t come together to support and garner support from a Black/Minority President, who can we support/garner support from? In my opinion History has proven that the Majority in Washington DC has never truly cared enough for the plight of minorities(esp. African Americans) in America to effect any real systematic change that would benefit them.(The Civil Rights movement was the last time, in my book, and it was forced on the Majority through the uniting of the masses, as opposed to the idealistic vision of any particular Politician in office at the time.) So if we can’t and/or shouldn’t re-elect President Obama in 2012 with the hopes that some positive change will come for us…WHO can we elect that’s gonna make any difference and usher in that change that we are all seeking?

  7. Yvette says:


    The utopian in me wishes that people would abandon the system entirely. I’d love nothing more than for politicians to wake up after election day to a “0” to “0” vote tally and ask themselves (and us) who won. And our answer, no one. You’re finished.

    The realist in me believes it’s time to build new parties and reignite old ones. People always complain about third parties not being organized or what have you, but how can they be if we give all our energy and resources to Republicans and Democrats? It’s time to abandon the Democrats and Repubs as they no longer serve our interests. If we revive and put as much work into third parties as we’ve historically put into the two parties. Then maybe we can move forward.

  8. Tremain says:

    The Utopian in me doesn’t think that the system in itself is entirely flawed although there are some mechanisms within it that I think could be discarded(debt based money) with others being improved upon(resource based economics). My view, however, is that the system has been polluted and corrupted by powerful individuals over a long period of time which has degraded the system into its current state that we see today. I still believe that the power of the vote and mass consensus is the only fair way for mankind to govern itself and that the “system” lays a pretty good foundation for us to build upon, while at the same time not perfect.

    Now the realist in me does agree that a new independent third party would definitely add another dimension to the political power structure and throw a monkeywrench in alot of plans, yet even to that end i feel the question still remains the same…”WHO has the ability to lead such a party and more importantly who do we TRUST to lead this party?” Also with the 2012 elections coming up very soon is there even enough time to form such a party? U see my dilemma?every REAL viable solution at this point in time that I can think of only leads me back to one conclusion and one person…and that is President Obama. So i guess I would have to restate my original question which is…”If I shouldn’t support Obama…who SHOULD i support??”

    I ask this question because in my opinion it does not matter who WE(African Americans) choose to support….i believe its more a matter of US supporting a GOALwholeheartedly and presenting a UNIFIED ACTIVE front in America on achieving that goal and not accepting anything less. If there is no UNITY, there is no voice. And even with UNITY we would still have to shout to be heard, and force deaf ears learn how to hear again. Now i would’ve hoped that we could have achieved that under a Black President, but in reality it doesn’t matter who we achieve it under as long as we achieve it. Just imagine what your mind and Mr. Lyman’s mind could achieve if you two worked together wholeheartedly for a single minded purpose. Then imagine what could be achieved if we had the WHOLE of our community actively working together, in the same manner. The Utopian AND the Realist in me both think that would be a grand sight to see:-)

    1. Yvette says:

      You said, “The Utopian in me doesn’t think that the system in itself is entirely flawed..”

      I have to disagree. In this system, where politicians are sold to the highest bidder, and corporations have tons more money than ordinary people, the system is fatally flawed.We can’t win playing by these rules.

      Voting may be the most perfect form of democracy, but voting for whom? To what end? At this juncture, the candidates available are decided upon long before we get to the ballot box. I wouldn’t call that democracy, perfect or otherwise.

      If we put the same energy into third parties as we’ve put into the Democratic Party, then we’re sure to build something worth saving. With regard to 2012, it’s over. It’s a lose, lose. It’s time to look past it. We must BUILD a new viable solution, not look out on the horizon for one. The sooner we give up on Obama, the closer we are to embracing that framework. Just my thoughts.. you asked for ’em 🙂

  9. Tremain says:

    lol…I surely did ask for your thoughts, and I totally appreciate them. No regrets here:-) Now to my response…

    “In this system, where politicians are sold to the highest bidder, and corporations have tons more money than ordinary people, the system is fatally flawed.We can’t win playing by these rules.”~Yvette

    I agree…that situation has gotten completely out of hand. But I still believe our governing “system” at its core did not create this scenario. Greedy, unscrupulous, European businessmen are the ones who created that problem. The system itself is fair…but the people “running” the system are the ones that make it corrupt. We have to remove the corrupt individuals, and organizations, that infest our system with this bullshit and replace them with people of good character, moral fiber, and a sincere desire to put “WE the People” first. This will in turn purify our “Vote” and once again put the power back in the hands of the People. So in that respect I can agree that at its current state and with the current roster(Obama NOT included:-) our system is fatally flawed and its falling apart b/c of that as we speak. However, my belief remains the same, that on an architectural level, our governmental setup is not entirely flawed. There are some things that can be improved upon structurally but the foundation is still solid.

    And on another tip….it really doesn’t matter what kind of system you choose to incorporate because if the people who are in control of and running said system are corrupt, the system itself will also be corrupt. So even if we were to create a third party to challenge the status quo…if those representatives are corrupt or become corrupted then the system will again become flawed.

    My Utopian solution is to remove the corrupting aspect of our system altogether. Debt based money(and even more extreme…Money in its entirety). And also take away all the prestige and perks of being a member of our government body and make it so that our representatives cannot personally profit off any of the decisions they make while in office. And by that i mean…make them a ward of the country…they can’t own property, or businesses, and all of their assets(with the exception of their home) are confiscated and given to the people upon their entrance into public service. They should be completely taken care of(average commonwealth lifestyle) by the people whom they are sworn to serve. I believe between the removal of debt based money and these stipulations placed on our representatives we will eliminate a lot of this self-serving arrogant bullshit that we are getting from our representatives today. Our leaders should be the people most willing to serve and sacrifice of themselves….not the ones wanting to be served and willing to sacrifice others. Take away the corrupting influence and no system we come up with will be corrupt. Just my thoughts;-)

  10. Yvette says:

    “I agree…that situation has gotten completely out of hand. But I still believe our governing “system” at its core did not create this scenario. Greedy, unscrupulous, European businessmen are the ones who created that problem. The system itself is fair…but the people “running” the system are the ones that make it corrupt. We have to remove the corrupt individuals,…”

    Yes but any system that can be corrupted will be corrupted. We should work to deny corporate personhood, thus closing the loophole that has in effect granted man-made entities more power than flesh and blood individuals. Unless corporate personhood is addressed, any corrupt individual you run out of the system will be easily replaced by another corporate owned drone.

  11. Tremain says:

    Yes but any system that can be corrupted will be corrupted.
    There is no such thing as an incorruptible system. It doesn’t exist. However I do agree that the removal, or at the very least the limiting of power, of corporate entities will definitely put a dent in the corrupting influences of our government. That will definitely go hand in hand with the suggestions that I previously made. Now the question is how do u inform the people enough to motivate them to get involved? That’s a big hurdle too these days.

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