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July 11, 2011

president obama begins work on brown agenda, still no word on black agenda

Remember this?



“Rev.” Al Sharpton, Marc Morial, Ben Jealous and other so-called black leaders trudged through a blizzard to meet with President Obama about the black agenda. They got nothing.

The imagery of black folks standing out in the cold was as poignant then as it is now.

Before and since the blizzard summit, President Obama made it clear that he has no black agenda. According to Obama, one tide lifts all ships, and with that one melodious lie, Obama marginalized all who’d pushed for a black agenda by reframing them as entitlement seekers.

Since that time, both Jealous and Morial have been largely silent in the debate, and “Rev.” Al Sharpton has been quoted as saying that Obama should not “ballyhoo” a black agenda.

ballyhoo definition


“Rev.” Sharpton has not only disavowed any ballyhooing, he’s now on the side of the President and has shifted the brunt of the blame to the black caucus and black people.

According to all concerned, Obama shouldn’t and doesn’t have a black agenda. But guess what? Mr. Obama now has a brown agenda.

The blog Anderson@Large reports the following;

“… the disappearing black middle class is not on policymakers’ agenda. Instead, the White House is convening a Hispanic Policy Conference:

On Monday July 11th and Tuesday July 12th, the White House will host a Hispanic Policy Conference, bringing community leaders from across the country together with a broad range of White House and Cabinet officials for an in-depth series of interactive workshops and substantive conversations on the Administration’s efforts as they relate to the Hispanic community.”

Someone should’ve told Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, and Marc Morial that closed mouths don’t get fed.  Unlike the black community, the Hispanic community has REAL representation.  Their representatives understand that Barack Obama’s idea of immigration reform is deportation acceleration.   Unlike “Rev.” Al Sharpton who tucked his tail when reproached by Obama, Rep. Gutierrez has called on Obama to complete his promise. Rep. Gutierrez made it clear in an interview with Andrea Mitchell that he could not offer Obama his full support unless Obama did the same for the Latino community.


This is part of the reason why President Obama was met with anger during his visit to Puerto Rico. But can you imagine that happening in Harlem? Until it does, we’re in trouble.


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9 thoughts on “president obama begins work on brown agenda, still no word on black agenda

  1. Ms. Claudia says:


    I’ve just learned about you from Glenn Greenwald and have already read about five of your articles or comments. I like them very much.
    Regarding Barack Obama having a brown agenda — that would be nice but he does NOT! Yes, he gives his speeches and presentations, but nothing is the result.

  2. Yvette says:

    Thanks for the kind words Ms. Claudia. We all know there’s no black, brown, or poor agenda. And if anyone ever needed additional validation for that viewpoint, it was evidenced by yesterday’s capitulation to the far right. Our President is vacuous and greatly misrepresented his values and his level of steeliness during the 2008 campaign. It’s time that we move on. I’m happy that you’ve recognized that. Not many AA’s have..

    1. Jacqueline says:

      Although I am a longtime supporter of Barack Obama – I am a Chicagoan- I have shared in your frustration with the choices President Obama has made. I am especially annoyed with his “Reaganisque” statement that a “rising tide lifts all boats”.

      However, I have to ask, What are you suggesting we move on too?

  3. Yvette says:

    Hi Jacqueline,

    In my mind, what the Obama administration has demonstrated is that we can’t seek solace in the Democrat or Republican party. I think it’s time we work to build third parties. In other countries, there are a variety of political choices so there’s absolutely no reason for us to have just two measly choices here. It’s a set up. The game is rigged, so it’s time to change the game.

    1. Jacqueline says:

      Hi Yvette,

      I actually think the problem lies within the electoral structure and not the actual party system. It costs way to much money to run for office at any level and our process is too hard on decent people and their families. As evidenced by the rise of the motley fool crew ( Palin, Bachman, Allen West). Arrogance and ignorance rule the day – not intelIect and reflection. Our leaders need courage and the knowledge that we will stand with them when they make the tough decisions.

      I believe President Obama’s has internalized his enemies voice and he is also a pragmatic man. I still support President Obama – I think that his reluctance to hit the financial industry speaks more to the omnipotent power that that industry unfortunately holds over our country. Our economy is a service economy with the financial industry holding all the cards. We as individuals are to blame as well. If we stop using credit cards, make cash only car purchases, save 20% for down payments on homes, and stop using our homes like a piggy bank (via home equity loans); the banking industry will have no other option but to tow the line. Saying that our economy is teetering on a cliff right now is an understatement. I think this is the area where we can have the most impact – it is directly within our power.

      While I have my quibbles with the President I feel that it would be equally wrong for me to sit out 2012 and have this country and our people face ruin because a modern day Republican is voted in office.

      Yvette – we need smart intelligent black women like yourself in this fight. Please do not become discouraged and please do not make this all about Obama – there is an issue here that is larger than him.

      BTW- I love your site and your passion.

  4. Yvette says:

    I agree that it costs too much to run for office and corporate personhood is largely to blame for that. I believe we should support an amendment to end corporate personhood and corporate donations to campaigns. As long as corporations are involved, it is inevitable that they will outspend us, thus the lopsided field that is inherently unfair.

    But there must also be other parties that challenge the Democrats and Republicans, especially when one considers that they’ve morphed into one party. There are only a few distinguishable differences.

    And you’re right again when you say that we are also to blame. Our consumer culture feeds the very beast that binds us. A lot has to change if we intend to save this country, the first of which is that conversations like the one you and I are having must begin all across America.

    And thanks for the kinds words!

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