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July 27, 2011

my thoughts on Al Sharpton replacing Cenk Uygur at MSNBC

Al Sharpton and Cenk Uygur Over the past few days, former MSNBC host and current online host of the “The  Young Turks”, Cenk Uygur, has made his rounds on both television and the net discussing how he was summarily dismissed from his prime time slot at MSNBC. According to Uygur, his style of not treating members of Congress with enough deference and being too brash when criticizing The White House landed him in the hot seat.

On Sunday’s episode of “Reliable Sources”, host Howard Kurtz unwittingly added validity to Uygur’s depiction and account of the events withKurtz’ insistence that Uygur answer whether or not anybody at MSNBC asked Uygur to“moderate” his“political positions”.

Uygur has consistently paraphrased the head of MSNBC as saying, “we’d love to be outsiders, outsiders are cool, but we’re the establishment and you have to act like it.” Uygur never said he had a smoking gun since there never is a smoking gun or an explicit quote in situations where this type of pressure is applied. It’s always a wink and a nod, an order disguised as a suggestion or creative criticism…CLICK HERE TO READ


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One thought on “my thoughts on Al Sharpton replacing Cenk Uygur at MSNBC

  1. Sandra says:

    How unfortunate that you feel a need for MSNBC to hire someone who is a “real Black journalist” instead of what everyone else in every other timeslot on MSNBC is – a pundit. And for you to suggest that every personality on MSNBC, show favoritism to President Obama and his administration is ridiculous. They are ALL very critical of President Obama. Yes, they give him more slack than FOX, but what’s wrong with that? Democrats or Democratic leaning people have a right to be on broadcast television too. And as far as Uygur is concerned, first of all, you take what he says at face value. How do we know that he’s not trying to save face with his remarks? Secondly, he was boring as I don’t know what. I don’t understand how he got the job in the first place. I’m happy for Rev. Sharpton (and beleve me, I’ve had my differences with him in the past). I’m even more than happy that the President has an advocate on air. The unjust critcism that he receives daily on all television – network & cable – is appalling. Rev. Sharpton has a right to re-brand himself as he ages and evolves. To say that he is not an activist is a mischaracterization. I’m not sure if you have checked his history. Perhaps he has used it as a stepping stone, and yes, it gives him more access. But explain to me why we should be mad at someone for doing that. His intentions may have not always been honorable – but unlike a whole lot of other black folk – at least he’s saying and doing something to shine a light on the plight of African-Americans across this nation. On that he has been consistent, especially here in New York. I’m loving Rev. Al in that timeslot. I love how he challenges the Republicans & Tea Partiers that he has as guest. I’m loving his New York swag – keeping it real & raw. And let’s be perfectly hones. Everyone on television signs a contract and knows up front what is and is not expected of them. So let’s stop pretending that any person on television is an independent voice and doesn’t have to play by corporate rule.

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