black yoda’s guide for black radicals in the run up to 2012

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ObamabotI know some of you know that the minds of blacks can’t be changed in so far as their  support for Obama is concerned. You’ve bitched, moaned, and gesticulated til you can’t no’ mo’. Now you just wannna to know how to deal. How to cope. Enter  Black Yoda;

It’s not a secret that I’m no fan of Obama. Why? For the most part, he’s either continued the policies of the previous administration or enhanced them (bail-outs, increased spending on defense, Bush tax cuts, multiple wars, etc.). I have had scores of …I’m not even sure what I should call them. I would say debates if I were up against an intelligent, opposing point of view, but I can’t even say that since most of Obama’s most ardent supporters don’t have any facts to support their view points. Let’s be honest: black people voted for Obama because he’s a black, Democrat. His actual positions and policies—to the extent in which they could actually be discerned, if at all—were largely irrelevant to most of his supporters (black and white). I say this because whenever I ask any person why they voted for him I can’t get anything that makes the slightest bit of sense….CONTINUE READING

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