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June 13, 2011

what “bishop” eddie long’s 25 million dollar settlement reveals about black people

Bishop Eddie L. LongAny doubts as to whether Eddie Lee Long was guilty of having sex with his young male accusers were laid to rest when Long settled a lawsuit brought by the young men for a reported $25 million.

To Long’s credit, he never said he was innocent, just that he had five rocks. His reference to the number five was a stalling tactic intended to evoke a mystical fervor of anticipation among feeble-minded churchgoers who believe that numbers have some spooky hidden meaning. New Birth members actually believed that Long would provide a thorough explanation of the particular meaning of the number five as it related to him having sex with teens at some point in the future. “The ‘bishop’ got something up his sleeve, you just wait” they whispered. All magic men engage in games of confusion and distortion. The self-proclaimed bishop is no READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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3 thoughts on “what “bishop” eddie long’s 25 million dollar settlement reveals about black people

  1. Good justification. I like to make out the print Martha

  2. rev.das says:

    this is rev. das hyderabad, India .i want encouragement.

  3. PatTaylor1 says:

    Eddie Long should be ashamed of himself, but he isn’t because his congragation supports this human trash.

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