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June 30, 2011

more on van jones….

Van JonesSometimes people just rock. Sometimes they share your thoughts but go deeper and peel off a few more layers, explore the corners and crevices of the whole thing. This comes with experience. I am humble enough to highlight people who share an idea similar to my own but are successful at going much further with it than I did.

In yesterday’s Atlanta Post, I posted an article pointing out that Van Jones is a product of the Democratic establishment and thus a tool of the party, not an activist. Bruce Dixon of Black Agenda Report took it a few steps further and said a few additonal things I also know to be true.

Here are a few of the money quotes:

“Last week’s rollout of “Rebuilding the American Dream” with Van Jones as front man backed by MoveOn.Org was all that and a bag of blue organic corn chips. It had great production values, good music and a snazzy hi-tech web site. There were volleys of focus-group tested buzzwords… “rewarding hard work,” “redeeming the dream,” rekindling hope,” and “standing up for the middle class.” Spokesperson Van Jones threatened to sue Fox News and the NAACP deemed him “a treasure” Corporate media flogged it and Democrats blogged it.

Like the Obama campaign of 2008, Rebuilding the Dream was supposed to be the vehicle citizens would use to make the Democratic party respond to its voters on Main Street rather than its funders on Wall Street. And just like the Obama 2008 campaign, the web site of Rebuild the Dream prominently features a button inviting all the “Join the Movement.”

But is Rebuilding the Dream a new people’s movement? ? Or is it just another exercise in corporate branding and re-branding?

Makes you wonder, does a “movement” really have blue organic corn chips?

“Marketing suits are not original thinkers. They like to do what’s already worked. So they looked for a clean cut, articulate, youngish black man with a “progressive” resume who could make earnest speeches and raise money. That would be Van Jones. The fact that Jones has been attacked by right wing clowns like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Fox News earns Jones a degree of credibility in some circles. But not everybody is buying it.”

It’s true. Marketers aren’t original thinkers. So can someone – anyone- tell me what’s original about “Rebuild the Dream”? They’re co-opting the Tea Party‘s strategy for goodness sake!

“Rebuilding the Dream seems set to follow in MoveOn’s footsteps. Jones has lots to say about budget cuts at home, but nothing to say about ending the $3 billion a week drain caused by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone, and less than nothing about the bombing of black civilians in Libya and Somalia or brown ones in Pakistan. When Bush invaded Iraq, Van Jones condemned it. But like good career-minded Democrats everywhere Jones is silent as the black president mercilessly bombs Africans in Libya and claims it isn’t a war. Van Jones can rattle on and on about confronting and answering the Tea Party, or the oil industry. But when President Obama allowed Democratic control of the House pass at the end of 2010, the year of the Deepwater Horizon disaster, without introducing a single piece of legislation to restrict or effectively regulate offshore drilling, Van Jones was silent.”

Activist do battle with power on behalf of the people. Now that Obama is in the seat of power, Van Jones doesn’t appear too keen on fighting for his ideals, which can only mean one thing; he has no ideals.

Say what you will about how I’m hatin’ on a good bruh’, but this deal stinks to high heaven. If Van Jones wanted to move our country forward in a substantial way, he probably would’ve benefited more from pushing his former boss than the Tea Pary. That’s a man with whom he has some ties, connections, a relationship. To ignore his connection to the most powerful man in the free world in favor of attacking Tea Partiers who hold only a few seats in Congress is just retarded. And since Van Jones isn’t retarded, what does that tell us?

Read the full article HERE.





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