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May 4, 2011

osama chronicles: oliver willis got mad and then everything went left, or should i say right

Blogger Oliver WillisFrom

“Things like this are why I often can’t stand liberals. Or, to be more precise, a very narrow, tiny sliver of liberalism that always has its head up its own rear. Since the killing of Bin Laden has been revealed, there have been two ridiculous reactions to it from people on that shelf of ice floating way off the coast of mainstream liberalism in America.

First, the bedwetting over whether we had the right to kill Bin Laden, as detailed in this article. Of course we did. Bin Laden was an international criminal, wanted for crimes against multiple states (the US for 9/11, England for 7/7 and Kenya for the embassy bombings). This isn’t the kind of man you just let go. You find him, you kill him. This is black and white morality 101.”

*sigh* More liberal on liberal crime.  Whether you know it or not, some liberals have adopted the behavior of their abusers. Republicans call liberals bedwetters, then those same liberals turn to their liberal counterparts and say, “well at least I’m not as weak as that guy.” And so, the cannibalism begins.

Now, if I were reading this fanged nonsense without any context, I’d assume it was written by a die-hard neo-con, or one of the writers from Twilight Green Moon or something or the other. Why not? All the talk of hate and killing usually isn’t indicative of the dove crowd. We’re thoughtful, open-minded, and can usually disagree without our disagreements devolving into playground scraps.

But when a liberal who’s a bleeding heart one day goes “gangsta” the next, it gets ugly and awkward. And such is the case with Oliver Willis’ liberal on liberal drive by.

Liberals have the right to ask questions, and since Proverbs 24:17 says the following:

“ Do not rejoice when your enemies fall, and do not let your heart be glad when they stumble,”  Liberals also have the right to be Christians. Or was Jesus a bedwetter too?



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One thought on “osama chronicles: oliver willis got mad and then everything went left, or should i say right

  1. Oliverwillisisdumb says:

    Oliver Willis is an idiot. I can’t believe people actually listen to what this blowhard has to say. His entire purpose is to defend Obama and his administration. He’s a hack and a liar.

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