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April 28, 2011

tyler perry vs. spike lee: cobra caine and francis holland discuss

Tyler Perry's MadeaThe important thing to note is that Holland’s thoughts come at the end, in the comments section. Additionally, this is Mr. Caine’s response to Holland’s previous blog:

Brother Francis Holland

I was not surprised at all, when I saw the Spike Lee interview with Ed Gordon, months ago. It, in my opinion, was Spike still bristling from the attacks he’s gotten over the years, from the likes of Amiri Baraka, and others, who accused him of being to bourgeoisie.
In fact, there were a lot of people who reacted, quite negatively, when it was proposed that Spike handle the project of a Jackie Robinson film.
And as I recall the backlash that Cosby recieved from a lot of Blacks for being–I don’t know–too positive on that situation comedy, It occurs to me, that we will always be having this type of discussion.
When “She’s Gotta Have It” came out, I was a teen. My thought processes were just not sophisticated enough, to really embrace all the dynamics of that expression. As an adult, I can definitely see your strong point, about the imagery of a Black female, carrying on three sexual relationships at once, notwithstanding a rape scene, heaping all types of irony on Spike’s attacks on Tyler’s art.
But consider this: You and I are rappers. You pick up a pen and write “Since the world’s metamorphis, and the planet’s kept in orbit, turntables we spin awkward, but needles never skip off it. Rhythms we express ’em similar to our ancestors. It’ll answer your questions, if you undertand the message. From the days of the slave topic, to the new age of prophet, as heavy as hip-hop is, I’m always ready to drop it, from the mind which is one of Allah’s best designs, and mine gon’ stand the test of time, when I rhyme”. And you sell about 1500 units. READ FULL POST



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