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March 22, 2011

Best Post EVER: And Don’t Call Me Shirley….

Remember way back when the NAACP’s Benjamin Todd Jealous ran roughshod over Shirley Sherrod in an effort to placate white folks?  It behooves us to commemorate this adventure in mediocrity l’est we forget the swift and highly effective manner in which the NAACP hammered the final nail into it’s own coffin.

Amy Alexander’s blog post provided a mountain of context to prove that the behavior of Jealous and his NAACP cohorts was not a mere oversight, but indicative of an organization which had lost its way. Alexander’s post detailed her work for the organization and her encounter with witches, warlocks and other characters from Middle Earth!

From the article entitled  “And Don’t Call Me Shirley….Though I Do Sport a Nice Set of NAACP-Ben Jealous Tire Marks on My Back”,

“That is how I came to be the Voice of Ben Jealous for much of the summer of 2009. Not the head of the “I-unit” — which, I soon learned, was being “temporarily” tabled — but the writer of Jealous’ op-eds, and of the Official Statements, and Press Releases for the association. But mostly, between June and August of last summer, I masqueraded as Jealous in the pages of The Nation, U.S. News and World Report,, and on several other high-traffic websites. (Check out these enclosed links — they take you to columns by “Ben Jealous,” all reported and written by yours’ truly.)”

And then what happened?

“Why not?, was my initial response, not only because I am a Team Player but also because my spider senses told me that Vampira and Jealous had a co-dependent relationship, i.e., she served his insatiable need to be in the national spotlight, and he saw to it that the association pays Vampira a tidy six figure salary. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: In short order, after I arrived to work in the association’s D.C. office on NW 15th Street in early June 2009, I realized that Ben Jealous has this….thing about being in the Limelight. Yes, sadly, that is (or at least it WAS at that time) the association’s entire Communications Strategy — Get Ben in the National Press.”

Definitely worth a re-read. CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE.

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