Breaking Brown

March 14, 2011

Facebook for Brown People

One of the most interesting aspects of brown blogging that I’ve personally noticed is the total ignoring of all things technical. It’s as if we’ve handed over social media savvy, and the cool cash that comes with it, to other demographics. Yes, it is true that we have The Black Snob, Awesomely Luuvie, and Alumni Roundup ( I see you!) who stay on on to of their social media game, but others of us just seem to feel that if we build it, they’ll come. But guess what? THEY WON’T!

Again and again, I’ve found myself reading insightful black blogs or listening to podcasts or videocasts which are just off by themselves in the black hole of the blogosphere. And the blog owners aren’t putting forth any extra effort to engage. I’ve been there. But if you’re looking to engage, here’s a sweet article from about user engagement on Facebook and how to measure it. Facebook, Twitter, Linked in blah blah blah. It’s all connected. And if we ever hope to meaningfully impact the debate, it’s best we get used to it and master it. Time’s a wastin’….

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