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March 30, 2011

Flock of Simpletons: Why Intellect Is Not Allowed in the Church

Yvette Carnell

Yvette Carnell

Try this thought experiment: Maybe the clergymen who raped young boys in the Catholic church and the self-anointed bishops who (allegedly) used their youth ministry as grooming grounds for sexual partners – Bishops Eddie L. Long and Jonathan Alvarado – are not bad seeds. Maybe these predators are products of an antiquated institution: organized religion.

What I would like to suggest is that much of humanity is lacking a necessary driver for the continued success of our species: logic. And organized religion is both an offender in this regard and an effect of this peculiar class of brain function diminishment. It’s not even really a diminishment as much as it is a thwarting of the brain’s ability to adopt newer and more nuanced processes…read full blog at ATLANTA POST.COM


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6 thoughts on “Flock of Simpletons: Why Intellect Is Not Allowed in the Church

  1. aboogie says:

    while I do believe that people approach the subject of religion with dogmatic rigidity, i think that is what the problem is and not so much the religion it self. Man created religion to give a place, excercise and expectation for spirituality. While logic is definately needed… it is indeed logical to see that religions have the moral, diet, familial and “unseen” guidence that is needed. i dont know if we have yet progressed enough to not need the confines of a religion to ascend to wherever else mankind is supposed to go. without religion its evident that many of us fall victem to the fleshy bodily temptaions of over sexed, over drugged, over polluted etc… we ruin our selves without having a reason to lead positive life. I think there is room for intellect in religion we just have not made room. the intellect that usually comes in is the negative rebuttal on why the individual should restrain or try not to consider them selves so greatly above others. the intellectuals leave after this scence occurs instead of digging deeper and around to see how we can continue to lift humanity to higher levels of positivity and understanding. i dont know about you, but ive been feeling ready to take my intellect back to the church and add on and hopefully be apart of a community that will help to stop the tom foolery of eddie long and alvarado from occuring. im not afraid of persecution from anyone when it comes to what i think is right. intellectuals need to stop being so afraid to teach and grow.

  2. Kevin Guyton says:

    Ms.Carnell I have read your article and am a little bewildered by your dogmatic and disrespectful opposition to people who believe in God and go to church. Our whole existence weighs on two possible solutions, either we are a random coincidence that sprung forth out of NOTHING or we are the craftsmanship of a living and all powerful being who created us with purpose and destiny. Intellect is most definitely allowed in God’s house, and we are commanded in 2 Timothy 2:15 to “study to show thyself approved”. You refer to us as simpletons, as to think, If God is truly almighty could you understand him Anyway! Could you ever fathom a God who can imagine and create such as world as this. Instead of seething in mockery and hatred for organized religion. I challenge you to ask the Lord,to show you,who he really is. You are a very intelligent woman, but how wise is it to think this all came from NOTHING- you live, you think, you try, you feel, you cry, you love, you set goals, you fail, you know what is right and wrong, These are the metaphysical questions darwin and others could not,and can not explain, It is more outlandish to think that this is all random, then to believe one man was swallowed by a fish. The Word of God is truth Kevin Guyton

  3. Yvette says:

    @ aboogie, I don’t believe God or “divinity” or whatever label we attach to consciousness is the problem, but I do believe organized religion is an man-made construction which thwarts our development. It is my hope that we will – eventually – evolve enough to free ourselves from the shackles of chapters and verses. For what it’s worth, I doubt that Jesus intended religions to maximize material gain and other tomfoolery from his teachings. If you remember, Jesus wasn’t a fan of the churches or false prophets. I’m more in line with Jesus’ teachings than most religions zealots. Having said that, I appreciate your comment and your willingness to engage in discourse.

    @ Kevin Guyton, Disrespect? Firstly, I think my article was critical but not disrespectful. But even if it was, what has religion done to earn even the slightest pretense of respect from me? And if the human mind can’t grasp the almighty, why head off to the tabernacle each and every Sunday hoping that another human will be able to explain it to you? If we can’t fathom God, then it seems to me that we should embark on our own individual journeys, not depend on a man in a robe wearing a cross to “guide” us. And f.y.i., I’m not an atheist. I believe in God. I just don’t believe I need religion to have a relationship with God.

  4. aboogie says:

    i beleive it’s the rigidity in which we approach religion that stunts out intellectual and spiritual growth. The structures of the institution of religion is such an intergral part in an individual life and communtiy life. It can serve as a way to forge strong meaningful bonds and as a way for people to exercise comming together for common causes. Alot of positive change has been made for hummanity by having these things in place. Having a place to go to at a local church saved my childhood and the lives of many children in my neighborhood- and it wasnt all about bible study- though in some ways i wish it were. So im biased… but thses facts cant be ignored. I just really believe its the misinterpertaion of the texts, a concentraion of non intellectuals- because alot of the deeper thinkers leave- look what happens, a strong desire to really want to be better crippled by the reality of what is. Man’s views of religion needs an extreme makeover. But I think its a vital aspect of civilization as it is at this present moment.

  5. Yvette says:

    @ aboogie, I make a distinction between religion and spirituality. By definition, religion is rigid. It requires obedience to a few long held biblical myths as well as to the leader of the “flock”. Spirituality, however, IS freedom. It corresponds to the vastness and expansiveness of the universe. IMHO, everything you accomplished in your life could’ve been accomplished without religion…

  6. aboogie says:

    I agree. There are lots of religions among many groups of people. that fact alone demonstrated a human feeling of necessity for some way to define a collective spirituality. the power in spirituality is immense, the power of collective spirituality is even bigger. and when we all agree to come together compromises are made so that we dont tread on each other… i think that is where the rigidness comes from- civilizaions are created off the back of these ideas… Where would we be without laws and some desire for order. Yes there is a repressive nature of these things but how else could we harness collective power and stop the groups that by just want or nature want to stomp you out… its alot to consider, there is a reason these things exist for so long. Many of these institutions beg for evolution and revolution but to be thrown away… I wouldnt agree. its much like a parent… Children can figure it out eventually without a parent…. many will not survive but some will and those that will can gather what they need to go through life, deal with the physical issues of food clothing and shelter, deal with other beast that try to eat it, deal with what they should choose to eat and somewhere just figure out the answer to why? but with the way it is now… most people by the time they are 20 have been exposed to a god or a no god stance of some sort and can start to figure out how they feel about it. and luckily in the country we live in they can decide where to go from here on out and maybe even find their way back to the concepts of god introduced to them by the ones who created thier life… this stuff is so heavy to me… when i was younger it really seemed like an easy view but life experience, the commitment to actually read and understand these good books for myself and not through the mind eye of another…. its all so heavy yet wonderful

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