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Yvette Carnell: Byron Allen’s Lawsuit Exposes Al Sharpton as Hustling Street Preacher [Video]

  In an interview with the right wing Daily Caller, Byron Allen went in on Rev. Al Sharpton for being a “pawn” for his “white masters.” According to Allen, Sharpton

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Rev. Al Sharpton Allegedly Rewarded With “Chicken Dinner Payoff” for Keeping Other Blacks Off TV Blacks Off TV

Street preacher Al Sharpton was allegedly paid millions to keep his mouth shut while cable TV discriminated against black programming.

CNN’s Don Lemon Asks a Muslim Human Rights Attorney If He’s a Terrorist Sympathizer

During a broadcast last night CNN’s Don Lemon proved to the world why the Columbia Journalism Review was right to

Sharpton Says NY Post Can’t Criticize Because They Met With Him Too

Over the weekend the New York Post slammed Al Sharpton for accusing corporations of racism, then silencing those protests once

Former Pundit Goldie Taylor Goes Off on MSNBC via Twitter

Former MSNBC pundit Goldie Taylor has never specifically addressed why she and the network parted ways, but on Twitter yesterday,

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Dr. Cornel West: “We Live in the Age of Sellouts”

Dr. Cornel West has absolutely no affection for President Obama, or any other U.S. politician for that matter. Appearing on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman”, West explained that we’re

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How Can Immigration Lead to Minority America When More Hispanics Are Declaring Themselves White?

  According to The Economist, the U.S. has entered an “era of white decline” brought on by immigration: Two factors

Cops Break Down Family’s Door, Draw Guns, Over Late Rent-a-Center Payments

A Pennsylvania couple says being less than a week behind on Rent-A-Center payments led to police breaking down their door

Your First Black President is Destroying HBCUs and That Shouldn’t Surprise You

  by Yvette Carnell BreakingBrown has addressed the demise of HBCUs under the first black president here, here, here, and

Obama: As Blacks We “Disenfranchise Ourselves by Not Voting”

  During a conversation with Joe Madison, host of the SiriusXM show Urban View, President Obama called on the “Joshua

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