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Low Budget Snitch Al Sharpton Allegedly Took $20-150k from Donald Trump

by Yvette Carnell The man who the first black president chose to be his representative to the black community is also a favorite of the current republican frontrunner for president.

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Here Are 2 Questions Shaun King Should’ve Immediately Answered After Being Attacked by the Right Wing

by Yvette Carnell Black Lives Matter organizer Shaun King is being attacked by the right wing–The Daily Caller and Breitbart–over

Forgiveness Olympics: Al Sharpton Accepts Apology of Man Who Called His Daughter a N*****

by Yvette Carnell In forgiveness Olympics news today, Al Sharpton has accepted the apology of a former adviser to Donald

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Black Kids Get Less Pain Medicine Than White Kids in Emergency Rooms

In America many non-black people claim to be colorblind, but the data suggests otherwise. A study by Dr. Monika Goyal of the Children’s National Health System in Washington and peers,

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Obama: “America is Great Right Now”, 9 Facts That Prove Obama’s Out of His Mind

by Yvette Carnell Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has pledged to “make America great again.” In a thinly veiled dig at Trump, President Obama said on Wednesday that America is

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Roscoe’s Chicken ‘n Waffles Run by Hispanics, Says Black Ex-Employee Who Won $1.6 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles may be targeted to the black community and owned by a black person, but

Some CBC Members Are OK With Wall Street Screwing Over Black Investors

  View image | Wall Street was the engine behind the greatest loss of generational wealth in the history

Black Judges Have Their Decisions Overturned More Than Whites

A study showed that African-Americans on the federal bench see their decisions overturned on appeal more frequently than those of

The Race Explainers Are Being Purged: MSNBC Ends Rev. Al Sharpton’s Daily Show

by Yvette Carnell The man who used his daily MSNBC show as an arm of the White House communications department

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